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Privacy Policy

We, the company, the-dating24,Annett Kühn , Am Marienberg 29, 15344 Strausberg (hereafter addressed as: the-dating24,Annett Kühn ), highly respect the privacy of your personal data and adhere strictly to regulations governed by laws concerning data protection. Personal details are maintained on this website purely for technical purposes. This personal data will neither be sold, nor transferred, to third parties.

The following information will give you an overview of our confidentiality policy as well as details as to how data might be used.

1. The processing of data on the cfg internet site

a. the-dating24,Annett Kühn saves the data, which was received during the registration procedure and for the creation of your personal profile. In this respect you give your consent for the-dating24,Annett Kühn to use this data, and save it electronically, for the provision of its services. A record of the data which has been retained by the-dating24,Annett Kühn which is sent to you via email after your initial registration. This data can be viewed in the login area.

Further, you hereby consent for the-dating24,Annett Kühn cfg to divulge this information to third parties e.g. banks or other business partners, should this be deemed necessary for the fulfillment of the agreement. This consent is expressly requested when registering.

b. The consent for the usage of data may be withdrawn at any time and with effect for all future transactions. Furthermore, the right is reserved for information to be given gratuitously concerning the correction of data, entries in black lists and the deletion of data. Declaimers, or enforcement of rights, must be sent by post to the-dating24,Annett Kühn at the address above or to the requisite email address.

c. the-dating24,Annett Kühn automatically saves information transferred to us via a browser in its log files. This information includes:

  • browsertyp/ -version
  • browser type and version, operating system
  • referrer URL (previously visited sites)
  • IP address
  • and time of enquiry.

However, it is not possible for the-dating24,Annett Kühn to allot this information to particular persons. A compilation of this data together with that from other data sources will not be carried out. The data will be deleted after a statistical analysis.

2. Cookies

In the interest of security,

the-dating24,Annett Kühn does not make use of external cookies on its website.
However, internal cookies need to be used for active online sessions.
As we do not make use of external cookies, data espionage, for example by Google or Facebook, cannot take place; your activities remain private.

Cookies are small text files which are saved on your computer and which your browser also stores. If your browser is correctly programmed, then these cookies will cause no damage. However, there is some malicious software (viruses) which infiltrates your system and causes extensive damage.

Therefore the-dating24,Annett Kühn doesn't deal with foreign cookies.

If you wish, then it is possible to regulate the cookies on your computer i.e. to block certain applications and to delete unwanted cookies permanently.

3. Newsletter

There is already enough spam in the world,
therefore the-dating24,Annett Kühn has pledged to refrain from circulating unwanted emails.

4. Further information

Your trust is important for us. For this reason we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding the use of your personal data. So, if you have any questions, which haven't been included in this Private Policy statement, or require more in-depth information, please feel free to contact us.

You may do this at any time via the 'customer support' button on the website.